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Join Fuzzy, SeaDubbz and JayMez for a journey through the sports world!
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Apr 28, 2020

Updates?!?! Really? Updates "During All of This"?!?!
Sports are now currently transforming into ESports and we can't be more excited! We also update you on the updated season schedules for all the sports! There's a ton of updates like Windows 10 but good ones! Tune in...

Apr 21, 2020

Tonight we dive deep into the sports action that is STILL happening! Even during these tough times sports seems to prevail. Our beloved friend Damen joins us and schools us on the state of aviation sports! We also reminisce about some bad sports memories & we talk about baseball's corrupt times. Plus much more!

Apr 14, 2020

We are BACK!
You absolutely thought this would be a one and done podcast didn't you!?!?! Well you wanted another season so we decided not to throw in the towel and instead we upgrade! We upgraded here, we upgraded there and we upgraded over there as well! So hang on to your bootys cause Season 2 is HERE!