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Join Fuzzy, SeaDubbz and JayMez for a journey through the sports world!
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Jun 30, 2020

We made it! We have arrived at the end of our travels! We got through a very tough time in sports and podcasting. However, here we are at the last episode of Season 2 w/ no sports action! Please enjoy this special two hour episode! Also, we would would like to extend our appreciation to all of the FuzzJocker support...

Jun 23, 2020

During the penultimate episode we go in depth about how the sports should just cancel 2020. Also, during the penultimate episode, Fuzzy has theories on what the future holds for society. Of course we end the penultimate episode with Fuzzy Memory Trivia!!
Please enjoy this...

Jun 16, 2020

Tonight we would like to ask the questions:
Are Trevor May's premonitions coming true?
Should they come true?
What if players want the premonitions to come true but the owners don't?
Are we crazy?
To answer these questions and to ask a few more we are joined by the one & only JMose!
Who is JMose?
Well tune in and find...

Jun 9, 2020

Here we are.
If we look around we see that we are now 30 episodes deep.
No real celebrations...
Just, yea, 30 episodes.
It's pretty crazy we got here to be honest.
Times have changed and we will go right along with that change. Please enjoy.

Black Lives Matter

A FuzzTalkRadio...

Jun 2, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Natosha “Tony” McDade, George Floyd, Yassin Mohamed, Finan H. Berhe, Sean Reed, Steven Demarco Taylor, Ariane McCree, Terrance Franklin, Miles Hall, Darius Tarver, William Green, Samuel David Mallard, Kwame “KK” Jones, De’von Bailey, Christopher Whitfield, Anthony Hill, De’Von Bailey,...