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Join Fuzzy, SeaDubbz and JayMez for a journey through the sports world!
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Sep 29, 2020

Here we are at the end of seasons, the start of playoffs and finals! The Twins are now Division Camps! Football is here! What great things to celebrate!  The 45 Virus has to be gone right?!?! Nope!! Wear a mask. Oh wait... what? Fuzzy tells me this is not a CoVid Podcast! I promise you this is about sports.

Sep 22, 2020

We are finally here! A full year has come to an end and the dawn of Year 2 begins! That's right the Earth has fully revolved around the Sun since FuzzJockRadio began! Join us in year 2 for the most wonderous of adventures into the sports bubble worlds!

A FuzzTalkRadio Production

Sep 15, 2020

This week we throw around some baseballs and jam our wrists with surprises! You never know what to expect in Season 3. That's all we are saying. In tonight's episode we go over what happened in sports. Or do we? Ducks may be part of this as well.
Wear a mask.

A FuzzTalkRadio Production

Sep 8, 2020

This off season...
I tell ya...
A lot has happened since we've been here...
Don't worry though Season 3 is now here and this is Episode 1! Enjoy!
Also wear a mask & Black Lives Matter!!

A FuzzTalkRadio Production