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Oct 8, 2019

While enjoying this episode please remind yourself that we are absolutely not distracted by the Twins/Yankees Game 3 playing in the background. I REPEAT: WE ARE NOT DISTRACTED ONE BIT!
*End of Disclaimer*

In Episode 4 we travel down the inside routes of the reborn Vikings. We discuss how Kirk Cousin's apology to Thielen helped spark team work and how we should give Stefon Diggs some Minnesota love!
Also, the Minnesota United FC is in the playoffs! Sea.Dubbz goes over who to watch for in the match against the L.A. Galaxy.
Finally we discuss Twins baseball and our dreams for the 2020 season. It was tough to watch them lose Game 3 while broadcasting to say the least...oh ahem *cough* *cough*... we were not distracted... oh... hum there's always next year right?

This episode includes Special Studio Guests Dylan & Burris!

A FuzzTalkRadio Production

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